Lagos, Portugal

Batata Beach

If I tell you that Praia da Batata is an urban beach, you will picture a polluted, impersonal, ugly and uninteresting beach ... but that is all that Praia da Batata is NOT!

Praia da Batata, in Lagos, in its origin “Praia Formosa”, is a small and cozy beach, of approximately 160 to 200 meters in length. It has about 10000m2 of sand, which is estimated to have a capacity for usage by around 400 people.

It is the first beach (to the West) after Ribeira de Bensafrim (the river), flanked by Fort of Ponta da Bandeira, lining up with the stunning beaches of the Costa d'Oiro Algarvia (Algarve’s Gold Coast).

Being the closest beach to Lagos’ historic center, it is very easy to reach (on foot), and excellent for those who do not want to feel isolated and are looking for some social interaction.
It is very popular, both among locals (who sometimes pop up for a swim after work or for a cold beer at the local beach bar) and tourists.
It is, in fact, a place full of life!

The sand is thin and clean; the water, crystal clear and calm.
The beach is embraced by a cliff and rock formations that shelter it from the wind, and that give access, through caves, to the adjacent beaches of Estudantes and Pinhão.

In addition to being an excellent beach for sun and sea bathing, Praia da Batata is also a wonderful setting for a drink at sunset, or for a small exploring trip to the nearby beaches at low tide.

A must-do, on your next trip to Lagos!